Benefits of Facials

The skin on your face is extremely sensitive and everyday stressors can have a lasting impact on your appearance. Diet, environmental factors, genetics and personal choices can all play a role in how your skin looks. Some of these factors may be more difficult to control, but actions and preventative measures can be taken in order to help slow the aging process and to obtain healthier looking skin. Not only can changing the foods that you eat help to improve your skin’s quality, but also exercise, wearing sunscreen, and going to get facials regularly can have positive, visible affects.
There are many types of facials that spas and salons offer and each is catered to your specific skin type. Some facials offer relaxation and a stimulating massage to your face, while others may target specific skin problems such as acne, wrinkles, or dryness. Facials are primarily intended to clean out your pores, improve skin quality whether it is too dry or oily, and to rejuvenate and de-stress the skin. Your skin will be left looking radiant and glowing, as well as be free of toxins.
Depending on your skin type and desired result, many different facial packages are available. Some facials are more exfoliating and will scrub away the dead skins cells while stimulating circulation; others are geared toward moisturizing skin that is dry and smoothing out fine lines. Masks or peels can be applied, or a steam treatment paired with aromatherapy is another option for the face.
At Encore Hair Designers, our professional aesthetician will work with you to make you feel comfortable and at ease knowing that your skin is in good hands. We offer specially designed European facial treatments, peels, and facial and body waxing. Our aromaplasty treatment is for all skin types and has a multi-vitamin complex that provides excellent benefits to the skin; other services include microdermabrasion, thermal masks and acne treatment.
See our complete list of services here and see below for a list of super foods that are great for your skin!
  • Chocolate/cocoa (hydrating)
  • Yogurt (prevents wrinkles)
  • Pomegranates (antioxidants smooth lines and moisturizes)
  • Walnuts (softens skin)
  • Green & Yellow Peppers (reduces “crow’s-feet”)
  • Sunflower Seeds (softens and brightens)
  • Kidney Beans (eliminates zits)
  • Soy (evens skin tone)
  • Oatmeal (age-defying)
  • Green Tea (calms redness)

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