Spring 2018’s Hottest Hair Styles

With the beginning of Spring, it’s time for a fresh look to take on the new season! With our days getting longer and temperatures on the rise, now is the perfect time to try a new haircut or even some highlights! Encore Hair Designers has put together a list of this season’s must have looks for the spring; hint: bangs are back, baby!

  • Bob with Bangs – A bold twist on the classic bob! We’ve seen the steady increase in popularity of bangs throughout 2017, and it’s here to stay in 2018. Looking for flexibility with your hair style? Ask for longer bangs so that you can part your hair in the center, or swept to the side with re-growth.
  • Long Hair, Don’t Care – Add something new to your long tresses by incorporating subtle layers and wispy bangs to your look! You’ll get a new look, and if you don’t end up liking them as much as you thought, then the layers combined with piece-y bangs will provide for flawless grow out.
  • Shaggy & Fierce – Want to try something really different? Opt for a shag haircut, but be prepared, you must have length on your side. Ask your stylist for a shag haircut with a set of bangs and longer layers. You’ll still be able to pull your hair into a ponytail, but with some added texture!
  • Textured Pixie – Perfect for the woman on the go who doesn’t want to spend a ton of time on her hair in the morning. You can ask for a traditional pixie cut, but instead request to keep some length on top. This will allow you to add in texture and waves with styling gel or cream of your choice!
  • Long Layered Pixie – Don’t want to go as extreme as a true pixie? Consider a long, layered pixie cut. Be sure to ask your stylist for significant length and body on top. You should be left with enough hair to pull into a mini ponytail. This style will be less maintenance than longer styles, but will still require some TLC in the mornings.

Not sure which style you’d like to try? Bring in a few pictures of styles that you like, and our stylists will work with you to find the perfect cut! Call the professionals at Encore Hair Designers in Sacramento, CA today to schedule your next appointment!

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