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Summer has sadly come to an end, but Fall has arrived and with it comes new styles and trends. If you are looking to update your look for the new season here are some ideas to spice things up!
Hair Trends
If you currently have the ombre look, then transition into Fall by darkening the ends from blonde to a light brown shade. Think more subtle and highlighted rather than solid and drastic; L’Oreal has a new Mocha Shades out with sophisticated browns that enhance the natural color. Book an appointment today with one of the hair stylists at Encore Hair Designers and let them help you get the look you want!
The styles that are popular for this season are “big hair” and low, sleek ponytails. To achieve bigger hair, first start by using a styling product that will assist in creating more volume, such as a volumizing mousse, or a root lifter. Blow drying your hair up-side down helps in achieving some volume as well, and once your hair is completely dry, either add some rollers to add body and shape, or use a teasing comb to help lift right at the roots.
The low, sleek ponytail is easy and perfect for someone who needs to be stylish while in a hurry. Simply wet the hair using a comb and slick back gathering all of the hair to the nape of the neck; then secure with a hair tie.
Make-up & Nails
This Fall, we will see a trend with bold, denim eyes (rich blues) with hints of gold. To counter the bold eyes, apply a neutral color to the lips, such as a rich chocolate brown. And for the nails: matte manicures are all the rage for this season.
Skin Treatments
And finally, give your face a special treatment to help rejuvenate after the damaging summer months. Our esthetician at Encore Hair Designers has a new ultra sound machine that helps to infuse collagen back into the skin. If you are feeling that your skin is looking a bit lackluster, schedule an appointment today to help bring back your inner glow!

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