Rejuvenate Your Face with a Facial!

At Encore Hair Designers in Sacramento, CA we believe in the health and quality of your skin especially your face. There are many vital reasons to have a monthly facial!

What Does Your Skin Do?

  • Your skin provides protection for your body. It acts as a barrier to protect your skin against harmful contaminant in the air such as the sun and germs.
  • Our skin needs water and acts as a barrier it water. Without water in our skin the cells would die.
  • Our skin is also like a sponge in that it can absorb anything. It can absorb what is in the environment that could make your skin oily.
  • The skin synthesis chemicals to repair damaged skin cells, regenerate skin cells and convert sunlight into Vitamin D in your body.
  • The skin regulates your body’s temperature. When our body becomes cold blood vessels decrease and reduces blood flow to maintain heat in our body. When our body becomes hot, sweat is produced to increase blood flow.

Benefits of Facials:

There are many benefits to having a monthly facial. Not only do facials rejuvenate your skin through deep skin cleansing but it also increases the circulation in your skin.  We use high quality skin care to hydrate and maintain the health of your skin., face packs, aromatherapy facials and facial massages with specific facial creams, helps remove toxins, deep cleans the skin and removes grease and dirt from your face.

We use natural, high quality facial products to give your skin rejuvenation and the best treatment possible.

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